Teething releif ...FitTip of the day:

Ahhh, teething. Something all humans go though and all moms come to dread. Gia's been teething these last two weeks- molars! Four all at the same time. Today was insane as it just hit her all at once and it was just pain and runny nose and crying just all of a sudden. Sun, fresh air, a little swinging and a stroller ride is what cures her every time :) By going to the park and distracting your little one with fun and fresh air is the best remedy for almost anything, especially teething. Some like to give medicine every time but this is a fact of life, an act of nature, teething must happen for baby to thrive (how else will they chew?). Medicine is great but not all day, every day. I mean we teethe for what, 12 years right? -that's when the last set of molars come in. Do we really want to be putting acetaminophen or ibuprofen through their livers regularly? Don't get me wrong, we've given her Tylenol for pain but also distracting her and playing with her helps too and it teaches her to get through it on her own.

FitTip of the day: In those times when you can get outside with the baby do it :)  in the afternoon, after work or after dinner! Push the swing, pliee, push the swing, pliee, and repeat. You'll have 10 pliees in no time!

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