Protein powder-gluten free and yummy

       So I had an awesome, active day including our launch of BodyPump! 5 classes finished off with earning my spot in the 5 Minute Plank Club...whoop woop :) We made it a family affair with Steve doing a class and Gia cheering us on from the windows. What a great start to Labor Day weekend! I'm officially 6 weeks out from the fitness competition so it is in full swing. Nutrition is number one, workouts second. I eat cleaner than ever (hard to believe, I know.) and have increased protein and over all calories to get one more solid week of building muscle before I start to dial it all in. I have got to get that scale to budge---upward. by muscle mass. pronto. (Yes, I do know the muscle gain rules, 1 lb per month on average for average women..I know this... but I'm trying to push the limit. We'll just see how my body responds. So far, it's been one lb/ month...)

       Well I promised a review of the newest protein powder I found so here it is. It is called About Time 100% whey isolate. Now, this is important...if you are in the market for protein powder, whether it is gluten-free or not, you should look for whey isolate, as opposed to concentrate or blends. Whey isolate is the best, most readily available form of protein. This brand is not only gluten-free but sugar free, Sucralose (fake sugar sometimes included in "sugar free food"), and lactose free. So it's pretty clean and allergen free.
My review is a good one :)
Content: obviously great, no tummy aches which is common for me with some not so clean ones.. On top of that it is only 103 calories per scoop and 25 grams I protein- that is a high amount for such low calories. Look at it this way, (put on your math-caps)1 gram of protein has 4 calories, that means 100 calories come from protein and only 3 calories come from other ingredients (a marginal amount of fat). That is clean protein!
Taste: good- even sweet compared to other sugar free ones but really good vanilla flavor. Oh! And I can't forget to mention their other flavors- cake batter and chocolate and so many I haven't tried so I can't say how good they are but sound tasty.
Texture: very powdery and smooth
Mixability: I try all shakes/powders with water first and it was pretty tasty, granted the last one I had was really gross, but even comparing it to others I loved the flavor of this one. I use it mostly with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it mixes into my almond milk very well and is more vanilla-y and smooth. I only mix with about 3/4 cup.
Price: $$- really good comparatively and when buying from you can get free stuff too so it makes it better. Just make sure you order the next tub BEFORE you run out or you'll be waiting for their slow shipping while craving the protein yumminess.

So in conclusion: Love it, go buy it!
I make a delicious nighttime snack with this powder and as I mentioned, here it is:
1/2 cup -3/4 cup vanilla almond milk
1 scoop About Time vanilla powder
1/2 cup frozen blackberries
Oatmeal to desired thickness-sometimes I add more if I have carbs/calories to spare by the end of the night.
Drizzle with honey.

I eat it every night as a sweet desert while my hubbs is chowing down on his nightly Magnum ice cream bar that I drool over (ooohhh when competition is over I am so having one).