I'm done with LPP...Ya, you know me!

What's LPP? 
Low back pain,
Poor posture (or belly pooch),
Peeing a little....

So are you done with it too?

Did you even realize you had the trifecta of signs for pelvic floor weakness and Diastasis Recti? (Diastasis recti is splitting of the abs that can happen during pregnancy and doesn't always heal on its own.)

I may not LOOK like I have Diastasis Recti (DR) (the "mommy pooch") but I have what I call the "invisible signs" of DR and pelvic floor weakness. Constant and daily low back pain, poor posture and peeing (you mean, sneezing isn't supposed to do that to you!?) 

*Many of you might have a "mommy tummy" that just won't go away- that is another common sign of DR s...one that is just as annoying as pain if not worse because you SEE it and it affect you daily to not get the results you work so hard for. Not everyone has that, we have pain. 

I have been vocal in the past about my Diastasis Recti after both pregnancies. Also talked about how I was managing to heal it and protect myself from pain. I did physical therapy for pelvic floor related low back pain but never finished the whole series and didn't do it religiously enough.  Then I got busy, and excited about lifting heavy, I didn't continue to take precautions and pain came back, with a vengeance!

In the past I couldn't even lift my leg to put socks on, physical therapy helped with that over a year ago. But like I said, it's back...and just recently I've begun to have so much pain that I didn't want to walk, let alone lift. Any baby wearing (my favorite way to get around) was not comfortable. My DR split has widened again also.

So I am back to focusing on posture and pain while healing, and have been given an awesome opportunity to try the MuTu System to try and accomplish this.
I will still be working out, I have classes to teach! But you may notice modifications to my form (see picture...) pushups are not ok with DR but I have to instruct workouts as the class needs and my problem is not 100% my DR split, it's more of a pelvic thing.

So keep your eyes and ears out for how it's going along the way. It's a 12 week program and I plan to be done before my 36th birthday!   Next update will be in a few weeks.

How am I the StressLess FatLoss person??

StressLess EXPERT....

Are you a friend or family member? Do you know me well? Have you simply MET me? Then you may either be thinking one of two things:

1) that I'm the wrong person to create a program about stressing less
2) I'm the PERFECT person to create a program focused on Stressing Less and balancing your life.

I'm going to go with 1, for obvious reasons, but I'll let you know why it's 2.  

I was BORN to stress. I was a month early when I was born, just because, no other complications leading to it...I simply NEEDED to come early because I was worried I might miss something (at least that's my personal theory). And so it continued...  I always worried about things. Being late, being the first asleep at parties (so I was always the last), worried about what my sister was doing, worried about what was for dinner at breakfast, worried about fire escape routes while falling asleep, worried I'd miss something important, making things important that weren't!  The list goes on...

I even got made fun of in college by a roommate/god friend (so it was lovingly yet he made a point) for putting on my schedule "brush teeth at 7:35am" "brush hair at 8:02am"  "walk out door at 8:16am"....

I feel this quality helped me thrive in my corporate career. I was always on time, aka early, I sent in projects on time, I finished work early, I expected the same from people I worked with and I got things DONE. I excelled and got promoted on track as I had planned.

Then I became a MOM....and that "great quality" that I thrived on started to not work so well. Stressing about baby falling...but falling ON something, splitting her head, breaking a bone from a tiny tumble, envisioning her choking on an entire chicken bone (um, not a dog, and I don't even eat chicken on a bone!), all very irrational. Naptime had to be done at the EXACT minute, on the minute. Bedtime had to be perfect, the same routine every time, at the right time.  Needless to say, I stressed about everything.   
Add myself into the equation, my routine, my workout, my nutrition and health, my work, my clients...and it was/is a disaster. Stress rules me.
Therapy (and my husband, who is the epitome of relaxed and "stressless") taught me that I need to control it or it controls me.

Born from my own life came the StressLess FatLoss program...using it helped me not worry about food or fitness during times of heightened-stress or during really busy and fun-filled times in life. It helped me drop some stress related fat gain without over-stressing my body and BALANCING my hormones to do so.  It also helps me maintain my health and fitness during those busy times that would make it too stressful for me to fit in my hour-long, but needed, lifting workouts.

Did you know that the much desired, long workouts can actually be counterproductive for hormone balancing and stress also? So taking a step back, letting go (Let it go...let it go...  #girlmom) is necessary, though hard, for your health (and fat loss!).

Join me in getting happier and healthier while LEARNING to balance yourself, your nutrition and your fitness...whatever that means to YOU., in YOUR life.