Pain in the butt...literally!

So I haven't posted in a while. Mostly because I need to get. it. together. and stop taking I need to workout, then I do a great one, and then I get tired and my back is unbelievably sore! So much so that I could barely walk a few weeks ago. I had some crazy butt pain (sciatica that was located smack dab in the center of my butt cheek, no joke) and lower back aching.  I have been seeing my chiropractor (shout-out to Dr. Showers!) and that has been nothing but amazing. With all the heavy squats and deadlifts I do I guess I (as many do) neglected the minor muscles in my hips and lower back. So I'm strengthening those all over again with some simple band exercises and icing regularly.
This is the eggplant...I love this color

But to relieve the pain on a daily basis.... I found something that has worked wonders. I'm on my feet all day, almost everyday. I'm up at 6am in the studio with clients, Monday, Wednesday and Friday I'm in the studio for almost 6 or 7 hours, depending on the day. If I'm not in the studio I'm trying to entertain my 3 year old by playing on the floor and walking around the park or our yard. And then I want/need to get my own workouts yeah, long days on my feet.

This belly is growing (I'm into my 3rd trimester now) and wow, my body has changed. Every pregnancy is different and this one has given me more pain than the last. I have such lumbar lordosis it is painful (a curvature in my lower back). My abs and glutes were pretty strong to begin with so this is just a change from my pregnancy. (The stretching of my abs is a whole different has that been uncomfortable. But bearable since my doc says it means I was pretty tight to start :) )

As my Chiropractor put it "it doesn't matter if you were working out before or not, pregnancy will get you". There are Many things that working out before/during and after pregnancy can help, but not this! So what did I find? BaoBei Maternity support bands. After the first day of wearing it in the studio, I also did a normal leg/glute workout in the gym with weights...I was walking the next day! I was not even in as much pain as I was the week before when I wasn't even working out.
This one is turquoise, my fav!

I have worn it every day since I bought it and won't take it off. I have to say, that for me they may not be for running since I'm super low and it seems pretty heavy (I can even lift my belly! couldn't do that last time) but it works for my lifting, cycling and walking around the studio.
...check them out here

note *I bought one, they did not pay me to do this nor did they ask for a blog post..I just feel so much better with it I thought I'd share it with everyone :)