Healthy mindset, food rewarding...What's a parent to do?!

So my kindergartner came home yesterday and said they got candy at school for listening to something and missing recess...
Her: "don't they know I have candy from the other days I already don't eat because I have too much? They give too much candy."
          *thoughtful pause*
"They should give homework instead of candy, that'd be better!"
I definitely laughed because it's kind of ridiculous😅.....

I doubt many would agree with her...but I bet a sticker would make her happy! My kiddo loves sugar like normal kids but apparently she knows her self-imposed limits...PLUS they get other treats and ice cream WEEKLY...yep, weekly #brainfood?? I in no way blame the teachers....My family is full of educators, I put no blame on other for what happens in my life, it's up to us to mold our children's choices and life skills.

🍦 I'm not worried about obesity or childhood health issues because we eat well rounded meals and move, run, jump and play sports. I hope other families do too......but I worry about 2 worse consequences:
1) the sugar crash and subsequent bad attitude at home! I'm thankful I don't worry about childhood obesity, I hope we all learn to make our kids move and feed them right so you don't worry either. And those sugar attitudes?! We all need help with those....

But my other worry:

 ðŸ¦ What about teaching a healthy reward system, both internal and external?! Reward good behavior with sugary food and they'll grow up feeling like food is a reward. Food is delicious and fun but should we start thinking of it as a reward or punishment then it takes a different meaning as a young adult or grown woman, especially one who struggles with food/ weight issues.... it starts young. Reward a kid for having a good naptime with candy (yep, it happend) and when she grows up she may feel it's a great reward to have pie every night because she had a great day at work (her edible smile or tasty pat-on-the-back). But then if she has weight issues she may need to cut back a bit... but how can she feel the success if that was her "good day" edible pat-on-the-back?!
(not an end of the month "I smashed my work goals" those can be rewarded because it should be ðŸ‘Š)

We can FEEL greatness without having to feed it. Each day should be celebrated but, in my opinion, save the treats for the big times.

📍 It starts young. Habits are too hard to break, set good ones first.

This treat below was frozen fruit with a stick jammed in it. 

They handed them out around our pool to the kids free during the day and the smiles and cheers were to DIE FOR. They get happy over the simplest things! Let's teach them what's good brain food from the beginning. It really does start at home. Be their leader, teacher and example.