Mom bikini competitor Post-Show recap

I think I'm going to go about this in reverse. I'll start with how the show went and what happens post-show because this is the most important part, in terms of health. Then you can check back and see how I prepped and how I feel about that (hint, it was hard!)
The show I did was the All Star Championships in Kansas City and it was a great time. My show day started off with a hitch, the make up person never showed up to our hotel room! But the weird thing is I wasn't stressing... (and she eventually showed, 3 hours later).  Well the day was wonderful and after a healthier prep then I've ever done, I was relaxed and had fun the whole day but was I was SOOO looking forward to my trailmix and Platano chips (dried plantains) that I packed for post show treats. So I really just wanted to to be over :)  

I am not one that likes to be the center of attention but when I get on stage I just feel like I'm showing my hard work and I nail it as best as I can, and I feel great about it. I'm in my own little world. I did stumble on the very last turn which did not help my placing. I was dead center in first callouts the whole time (usually a good thing, last time that happened I got 1st place) but on the last turn I stumbled and almost fell...should have practiced more. That's all it is, practice, and I really didn't spend as much on it as I should have. Well, I ended up with 3rd place after being center...or left of center at least...the whole time. I'm still super happy about that!! 10 months postpartum and eating Thai food and sushi up until the last week...yeah, I had a great time.   Backstage everyone is so nice, they all talked about what they were going to eat and it was amazing how much they planned on eating, I was drooling. I would have LOVED to hit up some of those restaurants with them and have a doughnut or a burger and sweet potato fries...but I didn't.... Why is it different for some of us? read on:

I had ABs the next morning after the show when MOST don't, you know why? Because I didn't binge that night...oh I WANTED to...but I didn't GET to. Everyone was getting showered off, dolled up and stuffed with food and drinks...while I went to the hotel, nursed for what felt like 3 hours straight, and ate a ton of rice cakes with peanut butter and jelly (the same snack I'd been eating all day), trail mix and platano (plantain) chips. That's fries, pizza or anything fun. I even slept in my tan and bikini bottoms because I couldn't get out from under the baby.... It was gross. But I wanted cuddles. They were great.
When you're a mom of 2 little ones that just want cuddles and need milk, it's what you do. Competition life is different for everyone. Mine did not consist of a total focus during workouts, uninterrupted cardio or splurge meals after winning a medal. It was all mommy all the time, feeding during workouts, getting toys during cardio, avoiding little fingers while riding the bike....even at 2am post show eating rice cakes. And I enjoyed every single minute!