Earth Day Family Fitness

It is upon us, Earth Day! This day is to celebrate our present environmental fitness and to promote the future by preserving and creating anew the environment we live in. This is a day that signifies Spring, rebirth and the future health of our environment.  Plant a tree with the family and you've begun your active lifestyle activity for the day. Go on a walk and enjoy the weather, observe the trees, collect leaves and make leaf prints. Pretty much everything about Earth Day is active, so get out there!

Earth Day is today! and we have had a wonderful weekend. It started out with the Great Diaper Change where moms all over the world changed their baby's cloth diaper at 11:30 am in an attempt to break a world record for the most cloth diapers changed at one time. We don't know yet if we did it but we sure had fun. I changed Gia from a IcePink Grovia into a BumGenius covered mathematical equations (her Geek Chic diaper).  I held a special preview class of the Body Back Bootcamp but instead of strollers we all wore our babies in carriers...that was a fun twist! Use your baby for extra weight while lunging and squatting, do some dances for cardio and then take her off and do push ups over her, giving a kiss everytime you hit the bottom of the pushup! Bam, 1/2 hour workout with your baby in tow.

 Then we went to the local nature center and walked the trails and looked at the animals with a friend and her baby. It was a wonderfully active day and I can't wait to do it again.

That's us on the front page of the local paper...yay!

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