Gluten-free meals for the day

Going gluten-free has been an interesting change for us. (Please see Gluten-free living page to see why we must eat this way). I am half Italian so carbs are a MUST in my life and as a fitness professional I understand that carbs are a necessary fuel for the body. Peanut butter on whole grain toast was my go-to for a pre-workout snack, whole wheat pasta with scrambled eggs and spinach topped with balsalmic vinegar was our quick but healthy dinner. I would never advise anyone to eat gluten-free unless they are sensetive to gluten, are breastfeeding a baby that is or are living with someone who is and you are supporting them. Whole grains are integral to a healthy diet- unless it makes you unhealthy that is.
Here is what we may eat on any given day:
      -oatmeal with banana or blueberries
      -apple and peanut butter
      -stir fry tofu with veggies
      -flavored rice cakes and yogurt
      -stuffed bell pepper (ground turkey/cheese)

Our favorite after dinner snack recipe...
Greek yogurt covered blueberries!

Fresh blueberries
Honey flavored greek yogurt

How to:   skewer berry, roll around in yogurt, put it on wax paper and repeat for remaining berries. Place wax paper in the freezer for about an hour and enjoy

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