Half way there! Fit pregnancy update:

So this blog is about healthy lifestyle, and I said it wouldn't be all about pregnancy and so far so good...because I've been so tired I haven't really done much! lol.

Here's an update though. Just for the sake that I'm half way done and there are many pregnant moms out there who are curious about how it works, how to stay healthy and fit.

How I feel:  Extremely tired! My morning sickness went away about week 14 or 15, so it stuck around a pretty long time, but the exhaustion hasn't left. I'm just learning to deal with it now. I started out this pregnancy coming off a month of random stomach sickness that we were right in the middle of diagnosing (probably low stomach acid or a gallbladder issue...ruled out some other stuff already). So the sickness was pretty intense in the beginning and I think it was compounded by the other GI issues I was already having. Those are under control since I'm eating smaller meals and much more consciously of what I eat.

Workouts:  They are back. I literally took 3 months of very limited activity because all I could do was lay around trying not to throw up (but wishing I was to see if that would make me feel better).  Because I was already a bit sick prior to the morning sickness (see previous comments about GI issues) my workouts were already not as intense or frequent. I still got in 5 days a week but I limited them a bit.
     I tried running early on in the pregnancy, that was NOT comfortable! For some reason everything felt crammed in there and running caused my bladder to bounce (or that's what it felt like at least). So I limited that to just what felt good...and you all know I'm not a runner, I just do it to challenge myself randomly, so this was not disappointing in any way for me :)
       The weird thing is that lifting weights made me nauseous. How ironic is that? It was just frustrating. So I lifted till I felt sick and then I rode the spin bike for a while. Now that is gone and I'm back to regular lifting, and that is a good thing for my mood!

Weight gain: Who cares :)  No, really, I have gained weight. A lot from my personal perspective. But this happened last time too...it's mostly swelling, yay. About a pound a week is what I'm at (i'm 21 weeks and have gained 15-17 pounds). My dr. is cool with it, I'm not worried. I don't even like to look at the scale, the only reason why I know is because she told me how many pounds I've gained at my last appointment, which I sighed about but have moved on. I just know that personally it is not important for me to focus on the number on the scale because it's about growing a healthy baby and being healthy myself. I workout as I can, I eat healthy but don't count and don't focus on calories too much. I had weight to gain when I started and that has certainly been accomplished. I know that by leading a healthy life and pregnancy everything will be good to go when I'm done and able to get back to working out post-pregnancy.

How it compares: Well last time I worked out just like I do now. I didn't watch what I ate, I ate everything in sight (which was still healthy choices since I don't really eat that poorly to begin with) and I still gained the same amount and grew about the same pace. Here's a pic:

Cravings: I'm not really craving anything weird, mostly just meat for the protein. I think I could eat a burger every day! But I do feel that I want to indulge in things a bit more with the excuse that "I'm pregnant, so it is ok" just like everyone else. But I don't really indulge because I know that I only need 300 extra calories a day and that is just one simple snack. But I do want french toast All. The. Time. and I haven't even had good FT in years since I'm gluten free and it was always too dense.
Well, here is a great breakfast or snack or dinner recipe for flourless pancakes that end up tasting like the inside of french toast...delish!:
1 super ripe banana
2 whole eggs
cinnamon to taste

mash banana, mix in scrambled eggs, sprinkle cinnamon, spray oil on pan and cook like pancakes (keep the pan pretty oiled). Only put about 1/4 cup of batter in or they won't cook all the way through. Enjoy! they should be sweet enough with the banana that your don't need syrup, but you could add honey if you really need anything.