tatoos needed to get job done?

So, that arm workout killed...and I'm still a tad fatigued, so I did it again and can't wait to be sore again :)  During spin this morning we were talking about how it seems that personal trainers these days are so full of aggression, are angry and they use a hardcore attitude to motivate their clients. We see it on TV fitness shows and on workout videos (ala Shawn T on Insanity)...I, personally, blame Jillian Michaels for that attitude but that's a whole 'nother topic. One guy today said that it's like a trainer must be aggressive and have a sleeve tattoo to be taken seriously or to be perceived as a kick a$$ trainer. Well, I definitely see this portrayed in the media but I certainly want to change that attitude!  I'll never be an angry man with a sleeve tattoo but I AM an aggressive personal trainer.

Not every person that is a personal trainer wants to be the yelling, screaming, get-to-the-root-of-your-problem-crying type. Most of my current clients are older (50s+) and my goal with them (and my own personal health and fitness goal) is to "keep them upright" and moving well into their older years. It is not yelling, grunting and tattoos that is going to motivate them to keep moving, reduce their body weight and increase muscle strength, it's the healthy lifestyle and the prospect of a longer, more independent life. 

So on that note: your motivational workout for the day... 10 jumping jacks followed by 10 push-ups repeat 8-10 times.  Get it done fast, get it done right (butt down during your push ups! soft knees while jumping!) and feel great going into your weekend :)
(thanks http://reasonstobefit.tumblr.com/ for the motivation!)


  1. You are an excellent motivator because you practice what you preach. You are an excellent trainer, and mentor to so many...no tattoos required!

  2. Thanks! You are too kind :) You will be an awesome trainer, I know it!