Take Stock.

Do you ever look back on what you wanted to be when you grew up and then compare to what you are doing now? Do you look at your goals to see if you're still going in the direction you set out in? We're 6 months through the year and I'm well into my adult life, it might be time to take stock.

"CEO with a corner office" "A teacher" "a lawyer" "jet setting business woman" "President" "Expert on tv"....I said it all as a kid, and by kid I mean pretty close to college graduation!

Let's see how it's turned out for me so far:

Truthfully, I really was on the path to the "corner office" in my book.  Heck, I already worked from home when I wanted or out of whatever office I was near and traveled around doing what I loved, teaching others to do the job all while helping people choose education over mediocrity (at least that's how I would have written it on my resume if it was acceptable!) Then I got a graduate degree to boot. So can I check corner office off for now? I know I'll get back to it when kids are grown/in school and I have the opportunity to have career #2. Let's say "1/2 check"

Here's your sign: At Christmas last year, while going through old stuff at my parents' house, I found an old book I wrote in 1st grade. It was about New Years resolution in 1989. Way back then I wrote: "my resolution is to exercise more!"  I did not need to lose weight, I was a tiny, energetic kid, my parents did not exercise in any excessive way, we just hiked, biked, skied, swam and played. But fitness was certainly on my mind back then as much as it is now!  And now, look what I'm doing....fitness. I am CEO of HeartStrong Fitness Studio "check"

Back as a kid, there were times when I would watch the old Fitness USA competitions of the 90s or Arnold bodybuilding on TV and wonder if I could ever do it.....then I did, with a 1st and 2nd place win in 2 competitions post baby!.. so I'd say goal accomplished there. "check"

Lastly, I always wanted letters after my name....Niccole Celeste Howard, MBA, CPT, CSN "check"

So, for now, in my 32 1/2 year of life, as it pertains to career (family is a whole different checklist...that is well underway and totally perfect!) I think I can confidently say I'm on track...that doesn't sound very confident does it? :)
Sometimes I feel I've leapt  without looking, like I should be in a different place considering where I was and all the effort I put into a career, like I'm not as in control of my career as I thought I'd be at this point, like I might be making excuses because I have a toddler that I love more than work. But if you break it down, weigh happiness with work-life balance with family desires then I may be RIGHT on track. I have plenty of time to reach goals, as a business owner it takes time and starting one with babies and kids around is a head start compared so some that do it later in life. Successful business owner: "Check in progress"