This one's for the moms. STRONG ENOUGH?

Life is about balance. We moms have a hard time as it is trying to find ourselves as secure, adequate and successful women once we become "Mom" and then add in being able to feel adequate, secure and successful as a mom and wife (and let's not talk about being an employee on top of that)...that's quite the load. That is three (or 4) nearly separate identities that we need to perfect. You aren't alone if you feel like you have a split personality, because you kinda do. Wife/Mom!? That's kind of an oxymoron, or at the least polar opposites in personality. Isn't it? Let's add to that the "need" to look good and fit that we get from seeing it portrayed all over media. Everyone wants to look good and feel good but how do we fit that in with all the other aspects of ourselves we're trying to dial in?

Balance. Strength. Just get it done. Those are the words of the mantra I repeat to myself... You have to be strong for yourself to make it through the day and you have to be strong to handle what life throws at you. Forget, or at least don't focus on, being a certain size or the number on the scale. Look at yourself in the mirror and assess your muscles. Realize that you are holding up your family and that's why you need to be strong. Not to mention the more muscle you have the better your metabolism functions :) So plan to be successful, execute the plan to the best of your abilities and don't be hard on yourself because. ...YOU ARE AWESOME AND YOU ARE STRONG!