That's right, I committed to my friend, I'll do it with her. I will be training for a fitness competition (bikini is the category- it's more feminine than a figure competition, more about overall muscle tone). As I said before, I'm a goal oriented person and neither of us can train for a running goal, so this is, it will enhance my personal training. Great, since I put it on the Internet does that mean that it's final and I can't back out? I'm now accountable to the Internet people :) Maybe now I really won't give up. So the story will be told along the way, we're beginning with eating clean (I already do that but I'll clean it up even more...less random snacking but not taking the fun out of life!). Remember, I'm a regular girl with a regular family and a regular life (that includes MBA studies, a 1 year old, some personal training clients and a house that I have to try and keep standing), this is going to be a stretch to accomplish- that's the point. It just might be a hysterical journey but laughing is an important part of a happy life, right?!

Eating clean is basically not eating processed foods and eating food closest to it's natural state. It is not always easy for everyone so if you're going to transition your family into eating healthier for life (remember, it's a lifestyle not a diet) my suggestion is to start slowly. Begin with breakfast and your morning snack- the two most important meals of the day. Then every so often, add some more clean meals. Here's the first day of eating clean-er meals and snack ideas:
Breakfast- Oatmeal with almond milk and 2 eggs (same thing I've been eating forever- minus the sugar adding Agave nectar, it's sweet with a lower Glycemic Index)
Snack- 3/4 cup non-fat Greek yogurt with berries (frozen is cheaper and just as healthy if they are frozen fresh)

So I'm avoiding some homework from my marketing's the workout I've come up with. You can do it in your house (the best kind!) Engage the kids and you've got a game to keep them entertained- and moving.
  • -Frog Jumps 10 (standing position, jump by bringing your heels up towards your body like a frog, land standing and keep knees soft)
  • tricep chair (or coffee table) dips 10 (sit on edge of chair with hands griping the seat by your hips, scoot butt off of edge while holding yourself up then lower body and push back up straightening your arms)
  • push-ups 10 (no resting after dips, go right to these)
  • leg swings 10 each leg (you can use an exercise ball, chair bottom or anything you can swing your leg over while standing up.) swing let over the object from in to out then swing it back- that's one.
  • High-knees 1 minute (running with super high knees, you can just slow it down if you're not running yet or if you're still postpartum and can't jump, just step with high knees)
    • REPEAT...AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN (resting 1 min before starting over). Try to beat your number each day you do this.
Enjoy...sweat...and live happy and healthy!  *leave any questions in the comments

Stop the DIETING maddness

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day and I hope you are still being celebrated and are still pampering yourself even though it's all over :) I heard something said this weekend that irks me and I had to put it out there to make sure everyone hears this. Someone said this weekend "well, THIS is a bad day for my diet! Guess I'll diet again on Monday..."  That is so frustrating to me, I with the word 'diet' would just disappear. Or at least only be used when talking about someones dietary in "their diet consists of...", not A Diet.  When someone is on A Diet it gives them a something to fail at, or take time off of (and usually not go back to!). But when we lead a Healthy Lifestyle, those random days where you eat something 'bad' is just a fun day, not a day where you think "I failed, I ate wrong or I will have to start over." Does that make sense? Diets fail. But healthy lifestyles are there forever, it's your lifestyle, how you live every day and there's no way around it. Those little dietary indiscretions aren't going to hurt as bad or be as detrimental when you feel good about yourself every other day of the week.

It's like talking to a child and telling them they can't do something, what do they do? They want to do it more. What do teen girls do when you say they can't date that bad-boy? She wants to date him more. What happens when you tell yourself you can't have that cookie? you can't stop thinking about cookies until  you go to the store and get a box! So give yourself that cookie. Then have a salad for dinner :) If you tell yourself you're "on a diet" then it's something that you will really not want to do. But if you decide to live a healthy life and just be healthy because you need to then it won't be so tempting to be "bad". This is your one live, live it, love it and be healthy. the Golden Rule of life: Treat your body like you want to be treated, with respect.

I challenge every one of you to STOP DIETING! Free yourself from that ball and chain and just live healthy, you will be happier. Food is fuel for your body, it helps you get though the day. And that bowl of fettuccini alfredo will not be your 'last one you can ever have' so don't eat a heaping amount like it's your last meal. Have a small portion, savor it, add some veggies and be OK with your choices. Make healthy choices for life.

Ok, talking with a friend today about protein and how it is important to weight loss.... so here's a protein packed snack:
Protein Packed Peanut Butter balls-

1/2 cup Peanut Butter (natural- try a Mennonite store here in MO, it's way cheaper for fresh PB)
1/2 cup Agave nectar (organic. Agave has a lower glycemic index so it won't give as much of a "sugar rush" as honey...or sub honey)
1 cup oats (quick or regular)
3/4 cup brown rice flour (it's gluten free. but you can use any flour)
1/4 cup vanilla protein powder (or just 1 cup of flour if you don't have protein powder)
*optional: craisins or raisins to tase...about 1/4 cup

Combine flour and protein. Mix peanut butter and Agave nectar. Mix remaining ingredients together then add it all together in to a large bowl and evenly combine. Roll into little balls, about 1". Place them on a wax paper covered cookie tray and put in the freezer for 30 mins. Eat, enjoy!

Have a Happy, Healthy day! If you have questions about a workout or gluten free eating please leave it in the comments...

Sprung! (and a workout)

It has sprung, Spring, that is.... I'm so excited because now we can do even more things outside. Here is a preview of what the rest of our Spring will consist of! So stoked and I know Gia is too.  I tell all of my spin classes that I am not an outside rider because what I do outside on a bike I don't necessarily call bike riding. It's more...cruising or meandering, but we do it for a long distance and the ride is always great! My FitTip for you all...You pull the kid trailer! It adds weight and creates drag, it's an extra fun workout that includes the whole family. (your workout of the day/week is below)
 This is Gia getting us ready to go ^
This is Gia saying, "I'm waiting!" ^
OK, on the off-chance you'll be busy with kids and household stuff (to be read with sarcasm!)'s a workout you can do fast and at home but it will get your heart rate up and metabolism flying:
(since this is the "Sprung" post it's a lot of jumping):
Jumping Jacks 40
push up jacks 10
burpees 10
squats 10
alternating lunge jumps 10 (5 each side)
Do it, Love it, Feel it burn!

*OK, I say "workout of the day" but you should do these types of workouts 3 times a week and on the other days (maybe 2 or 3 days) add in another workout that I've previously posted or a walk/jog outside or other active activity, that will make 5-6 days working out and 2 or 3 different workouts. Varying them too much can be less effective because you are not familiar with the moves and if you're focusing too much on working hard and not enough on the motion then it puts you in danger of injury. On the flip side, if the moves are always new and you focus too much on the actions then you don't get a good enough workout. Therefore, the better you know the moves the harder you can work without being distracted by new, complicated moves. So Work, rest and repeat :)*

Fitness competitor, what?! Plus workout

A lot of us are goal oriented people, we need something to shoot for or to accomplish. I am that way. I always need something to go for or look forward to; a vacation, a visit from a friend, an event, a lunch date, breakfast, lunch or dinner... How ever big or small, I am always looking forward to something. So, half marathon- check. Now I need something else on my docket.

I am so much of a goals person and so much dislike running that as I was plotting my next task and coming up empty I actually considered, wait for competitions. After about 48 hours of seriously considering it and researching it to the end of the Internet- I haven't actually counted it out yet :-/

Ummm, that's right, you read that right. My half marathon goal was directly tied to my being a mom and wanting to complete my first one within a year of having a baby. (I would have it done 4 months earlier but I broke my foot so I was a month late, whatev, I did it). This "new goal" if I choose to accept it would be an accomplishment for me personally because my post baby body is so different prom my pre-baby body, like most moms- unless you're Heidi Klum or Giselle. So you might want to stay tuned because along with mom and family oriented FitTips I might be posting about that journey... Or another one if I find a better goal. We'll see.

On that note, I've seen the need to bump up or at least just vary my training so I added some different things. I have always been into HIIT training (high intensity interval training- the latest "fad") since I'm a spinner for the last 10 years. But I added sculpting moves to it.
Here's yesterday's killer:
2 mins on a spin bike or jump rope
Push ups -max reps
Walking lunges -30( 15 each leg)
Squat jumps- 12-15
Lateral raise- 10-12 directly to
Overhead press-10-12
Mountain climbers- 20 secs
* rest 15 secs in between moves and 1-2 mins between repeats. Repeat 2-5 times*

Happy HIITing