Are you Vibe'n'?

Are you a Color Viber? Did you run the color vibe last year? It's coming up again! I know a 4 year old who has been talking about it all year, she's even saved her sunglasses so she can wear them the next time...and the time has come!
Us prior...I'm the one with the kiddo
What is a Color Vibe? The color vibe run is a super fun race where people line up...or lay get blasted with different color powders all in the name of fun.  The powder was light and fluffy, and gets everywhere! But it washes out and is fun to wear as a badge of honor after the race is done.        There is a DJ to pump you up while they blast color at you. And added this year is an AFTER PARTY that will keep you going even though you're doused in color. It's just a great day to get out, ring in the Spring season and get your body moving. 
 Do I have to be a runner? Not at all. Many people walk...I had a 3 year old in tow and we all took turns carrying her after the first mile....and it was more fun than if I tried to run the whole thing. Some people even laid down to get splattered with color! The going was kind of slow but it was very very fun.  It's only a few miles so you can certainly walk it in plenty of time.

April 11th 2014 is the day so get your white clothes ready!