Happy and Healthy :)..Workout included

Alright, well it has been too long...but I can say I've not gotten off track. Gia, as you know, had surgery on her kidney and she is doing great, totally recovered and running around. The only sign is the large scar on her side but that will go away in time. We'll go back in a week for the post-op and then one more time going under to get the stent out in a few more weeks. Thanks all for the calls and stuff, it made it go by faster.  But now it's hot and we are back to normal loving the heat and playing in the water every day!

On a "my thing, my time, non-mommy" topic...We, my friend and I, are about 12 weeks out from our Fitness Competition and it's SO on.... cleaner eating, more focused workouts and walking in 5 inch heels daily! I'll get some before pics up soon, I will have to have a shot of some adult beverage or some other inhibition inhibiting substance first but I'll post it in the next week or so. :)  If anyone is curious and wants to get on a schedule here's my workout plan (and plans change sometimes...)
                 Monday- cardio, either swim or bike (one hour max), lifting back and biceps and an at home HIIT workout in the evening (see below workout).
                 Tuesday- slight cardio (only because I teach my cycle/sculpt class) and lifting legs       
                 Wednesday- Lift chest and triceps (maybe back), cardio swim
                  Thursday- same as Tuesday
                  Friday- cardio, bike or swim...or both! and abs
                  Saturday- BodyPump
                  Sunday off or family hike or swim
You can join in and make it a group thing...I'd love to know people are doing it too.

 So anyways, while in the hospital Gia was pretty much knocked out so I was able to get in a workout while there....here's your Mommy's-at-home-workout- Sippy Cups and Water Bottles:
20 plie squats (legs out wide with toes pointing to out)
20 front knee raises each leg (raise knee to opposite elbow, twisting your torso)
20 tuck jumps (put your hands waist high, palms down. Jump from standing position but jump/tuck your knees up high enough hitting them on your hands)...these were interesting to do in the hospital!
20 chair dips for triceps (sit on a chair, place hands beside your hips with fingers facing the front of chair. Scoot butt off the chair holding yourself up with hands and dip up and down.)
10 push ups with hands on the chair for easy or floor for harder- push yourself- make it harder!
20 jump lunges (get into a lunge, hold one second then jump up and switch your legs, do this 20 times!)

Repeat this workout as many times as you can...after the dishes but before the kiddos wake up from naptime! ;)

And for our newest clean, gluten-free meal favorite...
Salmon with lemon zest and juice (or if you're lazy just lemon juice, ask me how I know that.) and garlic
Black beans from the crockpot seasoned with salt, pepper and chili powder
Broccoli and green bean veggie mix (um, totally from the frozen department, much easier)
Tomato Basil polenta baked! yummmmy

Secret desert: I cup of plain Greek yogurt with a cup of frozen berries on top (no sugar added fruit).