Transformers-more than meets the eye!

Wow, has it been a while...with grad  school almost over, Gia getting busier and work at the Studio picking up...not to mention trying to fit in solid has been quite a crazy 2 months.  But I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm feeling motivated, or is that extreme exhaustion? I can't tell.

But either way, I set a goal for myself (and anyone wanting to join) of transforming into a stronger person both physically and mentally. The mental part has been simple, with all that I have going on there is no room for weak!  The physical part was mostly to push me towards Nationals (physique competition- bikini division) and for personal growth, health and increased fitness. I've been lifting heavy, eating a lot more and putting on some muscle. It's been working...imagine that, lifting heavy weights and timing my nutrients just right has done the trick! It's hard to post pics because there is no "cut" or definition during this time of growth but there will be soon enough...the goal is nearing. But maybe I should post will let you all know that being "competition ready" all the time is impossible, especially if you are trying to make any kind of gains (while repairing your metabolism/body as I had to do). You CANNOT gain a ton of muscle eating in a deficit (low calories)... so eat more to gain muscle, and eat right to gain it healthily.

Transforming your body, as I tell my clients, is not easy...