9 month bulk..TransformationTuesday..Baby #2

Yep, that's right, we're expecting #2! I'm 16 weeks and due December 22 or 25th...so we'll see! We're excited to have another little one running around and G is excited to be a big sister, and if you ask her she ALREADY is a big sister :) So cute. I think I'm more excited for her to be a big sister and for our family to feel more complete than being pregnant and all that jazz that goes along with birth.

Everyone always asks "how you're feeling", well, I wasn't feeling very well, at all, up until about last week. Want to know something evil? Lifting made me nauseous and just thinking about drinking or eating protein powder made me sick to my stomach. Yep, evil trick Universe, evil trick.

So I had not worked out in nearly 3 months and it feels so great having enough energy and desire to get back to the gym and lift, which I've done 3-5 days a week this last 2 weeks.  I'm not working out with as much "enthusiasm" or heart-pumping effort as I did before I found out but I get a good lift session in (I'm doing my own program, BabyStrong, I wrote for other mommy-to-bes to follow but also doing other things based on what I need to develop ie. legs and lower back since I have a weak lower back). I also get in cardio 3 or more days a week, Pedal & Pump 2 days and running 1 or 2 days also...and we all know how much I hate running...so it's pretty light jogging but I still try.

I won't blog about pregnancy all the time but I'll update as needed, or as it gets interesting, I'm pretty open about pregnancy because I feel that women do not get the WHOLE story and there are some serious shockers...so we'll see what I can educate you all on. Like how I'm 16 weeks with #2 and barely showing yet, everyone is different and wonders when they'll show...well, I'm about there at 16 weeks :)

This pregnancy doesn't change my life much, I eat the same because we ate whole, healthy foods before and I didn't drink much caffeine before so that wasn't hard to drop (though I will have a few every few weeks now)...the best part is I'm craving protein...meat...so I still get a lot of that in. I have been craving more "carby, sweet" things, I really wanted a cinnamon roll but being gluten free will help with those cravings so they don't go down the hatch. No additional cravings now that I'm in the 2nd trimester but that can change, daily!

So here's to a new season of eating healthy, eating consciously but not counting, measuring or tracking because it's about gaining what you need and being healthy for you as Mom and for baby to grow!

Feel free to follow along to see how this mommy of 1 toddler becomes a mommy of 2, get info on pregnancy, healthy recipes as usual and more healthy life hints and tips! It's the same ole Nicci...just with another human inside...that's all!