That's right, I committed to my friend, I'll do it with her. I will be training for a fitness competition (bikini is the category- it's more feminine than a figure competition, more about overall muscle tone). As I said before, I'm a goal oriented person and neither of us can train for a running goal, so this is, it will enhance my personal training. Great, since I put it on the Internet does that mean that it's final and I can't back out? I'm now accountable to the Internet people :) Maybe now I really won't give up. So the story will be told along the way, we're beginning with eating clean (I already do that but I'll clean it up even more...less random snacking but not taking the fun out of life!). Remember, I'm a regular girl with a regular family and a regular life (that includes MBA studies, a 1 year old, some personal training clients and a house that I have to try and keep standing), this is going to be a stretch to accomplish- that's the point. It just might be a hysterical journey but laughing is an important part of a happy life, right?!

Eating clean is basically not eating processed foods and eating food closest to it's natural state. It is not always easy for everyone so if you're going to transition your family into eating healthier for life (remember, it's a lifestyle not a diet) my suggestion is to start slowly. Begin with breakfast and your morning snack- the two most important meals of the day. Then every so often, add some more clean meals. Here's the first day of eating clean-er meals and snack ideas:
Breakfast- Oatmeal with almond milk and 2 eggs (same thing I've been eating forever- minus the sugar adding Agave nectar, it's sweet with a lower Glycemic Index)
Snack- 3/4 cup non-fat Greek yogurt with berries (frozen is cheaper and just as healthy if they are frozen fresh)

So I'm avoiding some homework from my marketing's the workout I've come up with. You can do it in your house (the best kind!) Engage the kids and you've got a game to keep them entertained- and moving.
  • -Frog Jumps 10 (standing position, jump by bringing your heels up towards your body like a frog, land standing and keep knees soft)
  • tricep chair (or coffee table) dips 10 (sit on edge of chair with hands griping the seat by your hips, scoot butt off of edge while holding yourself up then lower body and push back up straightening your arms)
  • push-ups 10 (no resting after dips, go right to these)
  • leg swings 10 each leg (you can use an exercise ball, chair bottom or anything you can swing your leg over while standing up.) swing let over the object from in to out then swing it back- that's one.
  • High-knees 1 minute (running with super high knees, you can just slow it down if you're not running yet or if you're still postpartum and can't jump, just step with high knees)
    • REPEAT...AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN (resting 1 min before starting over). Try to beat your number each day you do this.
Enjoy...sweat...and live happy and healthy!  *leave any questions in the comments

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