Sprung! (and a workout)

It has sprung, Spring, that is.... I'm so excited because now we can do even more things outside. Here is a preview of what the rest of our Spring will consist of! So stoked and I know Gia is too.  I tell all of my spin classes that I am not an outside rider because what I do outside on a bike I don't necessarily call bike riding. It's more...cruising or meandering, but we do it for a long distance and the ride is always great! My FitTip for you all...You pull the kid trailer! It adds weight and creates drag, it's an extra fun workout that includes the whole family. (your workout of the day/week is below)
 This is Gia getting us ready to go ^
This is Gia saying, "I'm waiting!" ^
OK, on the off-chance you'll be busy with kids and household stuff (to be read with sarcasm!)...here's a workout you can do fast and at home but it will get your heart rate up and metabolism flying:
(since this is the "Sprung" post it's a lot of jumping):
Jumping Jacks 40
push up jacks 10
burpees 10
squats 10
alternating lunge jumps 10 (5 each side)
Do it, Love it, Feel it burn!

*OK, I say "workout of the day" but you should do these types of workouts 3 times a week and on the other days (maybe 2 or 3 days) add in another workout that I've previously posted or a walk/jog outside or other active activity, that will make 5-6 days working out and 2 or 3 different workouts. Varying them too much can be less effective because you are not familiar with the moves and if you're focusing too much on working hard and not enough on the motion then it puts you in danger of injury. On the flip side, if the moves are always new and you focus too much on the actions then you don't get a good enough workout. Therefore, the better you know the moves the harder you can work without being distracted by new, complicated moves. So Work, rest and repeat :)*

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