Water, water and more water! +workout

       Welcome to your weekend! It has been a week since a post but I had to get life back together after one of the best Memorial Day weekends :) Family and friends abound....it was awesome. We spent our entire weekend on the water...river, lake and baby pool. But that is not what I'm talking about when I say "water, water, water and more water..." It is important to drink your water. We all hear it every day but do we really do it? I don't....and I wrote a statement/thesis paper on it in college! I'm one of the worst offenders but as most teachers, coaches and trainers say "do as I say, not as I do". I am a proponent (and doer) of six small meals a day but what do you do in between? Drink water. Water cleanses the body and makes you feel full, two very beneficial properties. So drink your water, you will see a major difference in your body, it will change. Whether you want to lose weight or just get healthier, water will play a major part. One glass at every meal and as many in between as possible.
          On that note...Get off the soda/pop whatever you call it, don't drink it. I know that it's hard, people say they are addicted but it is so important to quit that habit. It's bad for your teeth, it's bad for your bones and it's bad for your body. It is not a cleansing beverage...would you take 30 scoops of sugar, dissolve it in a glass of water and then drink it? That sounds gross right? Well, soda is just that--- along with a bunch of coloring and dye. Grab your bottle of water and get it going. Your body is 70% water, not soda or sugar....Water is your lifeblood! So as the weather gets warmer and your body starts sweating make sure you grab water to drink.

Ok, being that it is warming up we will be showing more skin! Here's a workout I did for a quick bout of abs and cardio. It's an at home workout so grab your water and sweat!

jump rope for 1 min
25 reverse crunches x2

High knees (run in place) 1 min
25 v-though crunches x2 (legs up straight and spread like a v, reach arms through legs towards wall)

Mountain climbers 1 min
15 side plank dips each side

Jumping jacks 1 min
15 full extension crunches (lay on back arms and legs outstretched, lift hands and feet up towards the middle and together so your body makes a V and extend them back to lay out flat)

Burpees 1 min
40 russian twists- tapping each side 20 times (weighted option: hold a jug of milk or a dumbbell)

Repeat this up to 4 times!!!! Killer...drink up!

So here's a bonus snack.... clean eating is easy to do and I want to give you recipes to help
Organic apple with 10-12 almonds....and a large glass of water :)
   -it's a slow to digest carb with natural sugar (a good pick-me-up) and a protein-

Happy Healthy weekend!
ps...if anyone reads this and needs a video of the exercises, it's something I'm considering but want to know if it's needed in the first place :)

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