4 WEEKS TO...Glutes/abs/arms/utopia!!

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*buyer be aware*

I went and bought someone else's program for 2 reasons...

1) I like to mix it up 
2) to prove a point

I got a very famous fitness person's program for 4 Weeks To Shoulders! She is in magazines, tv...everything, I love her, we have kids similar ages, she's awesome. But I'll never look like her...she's won the Arnold almost 10 years ago. Which means she's been lifting heavy for many years. (Though this program, and all her programs now, say she only worksout at home and built what she has "at home"...but her muscle base has been there for well over 10 years so her at-home results are different than anyone else's).

I did this program, on point, which was just 2 days a week at home. And look at my shoulders. They look the same (no before pic...but I promise it's the same). Because you can't get AMAZING shoulders like someone else's in only 4 weeks. Especially when this person has about 10% body fat and has won international physique competitions.

You can't get an amazing butt in just 4 weeks (mine didn't change after our free glute challenge, did yours?). You WILL NOT have a six pack in 4 weeks...or 4 months for that matter if you have more than a few pounds to lose.
Changing your shape is possible, but you have to be consistent and it's more about the nutrition. I can shape my shoulders under my body fat but until I lose the fat, you won't see any decent shoulders (or abs, or biceps or glutes).

I did my own #stesslessfatloss style workouts on 3 days and a heavy leg day another. I never lose fat right away when I try. It always takes my body about 2 weeks to see any drops.
So to say this lady's program didn't work would be inaccurate. It was simply misleading to anyone looking for a quick-fix. I'm starting round two this week and I know I'll see change after this one.
So PLEASE, buy people's programs and certainly do the free ones (that's why the last few I offered were free...because I didn't want people feeling they lost money when, in just 4 weeks, no visual changes were there).
But remember, you really need to focus on consistency, long-term and nutrition along with workouts. You can't work just one body part and expect the whole package to change.

Live YOUR best life!

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