Slow and steady or Easy off, Easy on?

Which one are you looking for?

Here's the deal, "slow and steady wins the race" isn't something that someone just came up with to sound cute. It's actually true in many aspects of life...(and not true in others, I know.). But for fat loss we can't expect to win the race of life with a 5 day cleanse, a 7 day or even a 25 day period of time.  Life is much longer than that and it takes many months (even years) of making good choices to really turn your health, your habits and your life around. You may lose fat or inches in a short amount of time but the faster it comes of, the faster it can come right back on!
I just don't like when trainers or "coaches" feel the need to push these marketing brands that sell quick weight loss bars, shakes or meal replacements (frankly, I don't want my meals replaced!) Do they not TRUST their instincts and education or their own ability to teach people the right way (not the easy way)?  

Getting a "jump start" is certainly good but learning how to do it so you're happy and not craving things should be the way to do it not craving and waiting for the ## days to be over till you can eat *insert favorite food here*. You want something that you don't need to keep taking just to maintain you weight loss. Or something that will lead you to believe that fat loss is in a bottle or package and it's easy. It's not.  So do your research, start eating right, start moving more and find your patience! Fill your plate with veggies and protein, do it right and you will be happier with the end result! But if these products help you get your mind right, get you on track and going towards a lifestyle...then great. But it's not often it ends up that way.

s are fine (I take things to boost my health, multivitamin, protein powder, fish oil, iron, vitamin d)  and they help for things that you may be lacking but "tricks" like pills and shakes aren't for everyone and shouldn't be relied on. Rely on hard work and healthy lifestyle. 

Why not learn it the right way and make it a lifestyle rather than a period of time. Don't look back, change your ways and you won't need tricks, you'll eat yummy food and stay fit and healthy.

Want to make it a lifestyle? chose things that fit in with your life...for example. I signed up for a virtual 5k because I was never available for the ones around town. But these type of events got us out and going. So this time around I chose one I can do with myself or with friends on my own time. I didn't want to...because you all know I'm not a runner! But It was something I paid for and committed I did it. You need to find something that gets you going, gets you committed and gets you do do it. Garden, walk, fun, hike, swim...whatever, but make it part of your day. Lunch breaks, cancelled appointments (that's when I did mine!), random free hour. Just make it fit. You can do it, I know you can!
Side-note: I fell in love with the top picture that I got from FitNix on Instagram, I was having a conversation about this topic when I scrolled right over this pic...couldn't have been a coincidence... she's also on facebook She is a good source of info too. (I don't know her...just met her at the Arnold one time...but I love see her posts :) )

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