Transformers-more than meets the eye!

Wow, has it been a while...with grad  school almost over, Gia getting busier and work at the Studio picking up...not to mention trying to fit in solid has been quite a crazy 2 months.  But I see a light at the end of the tunnel and I'm feeling motivated, or is that extreme exhaustion? I can't tell.

But either way, I set a goal for myself (and anyone wanting to join) of transforming into a stronger person both physically and mentally. The mental part has been simple, with all that I have going on there is no room for weak!  The physical part was mostly to push me towards Nationals (physique competition- bikini division) and for personal growth, health and increased fitness. I've been lifting heavy, eating a lot more and putting on some muscle. It's been working...imagine that, lifting heavy weights and timing my nutrients just right has done the trick! It's hard to post pics because there is no "cut" or definition during this time of growth but there will be soon enough...the goal is nearing. But maybe I should post will let you all know that being "competition ready" all the time is impossible, especially if you are trying to make any kind of gains (while repairing your metabolism/body as I had to do). You CANNOT gain a ton of muscle eating in a deficit (low calories)... so eat more to gain muscle, and eat right to gain it healthily.

Transforming your body, as I tell my clients, is not easy...
or quick. Especially because we see these 'transformations' all over and they look so different-could I say, amazing?... But what we don't get from the words "before" and "After" is what we need to read between the lines. These people did not jump up off the couch and drop weight in 12 weeks, or even 6 months.

They were already primed for the transformation. Their body was jump-started and waiting for that next step. They may have already started drinking a lot more water, they may have increased their vegetables, they may have started looking into eating a bit better already...whatever the case is, they were mentally and physically ready for this transformation. Then once they started, the physical changes were easier to see because the internal and mental changes HAD ALREADY BEEN MADE. That's what I meant by "transformers...more than meets the eye" :)

When someone starts a transformation they may not see something right away because the insides are still making changes and getting on board. Once everything is on board THEN the train chugs along. Ask anyone who has been yo-yo dieting who needed to fix their metabolism (consistent healthy eating with no "dieting"). Ask anyone who started drinking more water, they gained first because their body had to hold it all before they dropped it all (..don't ask how long they spent in the bathroom).  So get your mind ready, your body primed and then don't be disappointed if the "after" reflection doesn't stare back at you from the mirror in 3 weeks...keep at it...don't give up...don't stop drinking water...don't stop eating protein...don't let yourself down!  Transformation pictures are inspirational to look at, present amazing stories and motivate us all but don't let them fool you...that person was not shoving pizza and soda in their mouths last week and doing 10 burpees with a 6-pack showing through after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro today....heck, they probably weren't even jumping rope today :)

Are you still with me? Are you still making small changes and working yourself to YOUR max a few times a week? Let's see those transformations...I want December to be a month where we reveal transformations, not hide them! I'll do it. Will you?
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