Reassess and Transform....a CHALLENGE for you!!

It's hard for me to open up to people about things, I'm a personable person (I think) and love sharing things but sometimes opening up is a challenge for me. I'm competitive by nature, both internally and externally- so here's my new task. I'm opening up to all of you who follow me and look for inspiration on the internet...yikes.  Welcome to my newest personal challenge!

 Here's a little insight into my life on the fitness front: I'm not saying I'm leaving the competition world behind me because it is so much fun and such a rewarding experience but I am saying that I need to get healthy first and foremost before I step on stage again...I'm hooked on 1st place What most people don't understand is that most competitors (upwards of 90%)
are actually at their unhealthiest point when they are standing on stage. Vitamins and hormones get out of whack due to restricted calories and hardcore workouts, muscles breakdown, your metabolism adjusts to low calories and gets out of balance....Many competitors have adrenal failure and thyroid issues. I was on the verge and decided to catch it in time. I was completely exhausted in every moment of life and frankly, not happy with how I couldn't just get up and be happy...I was too tired to even be happy.
           You live your life to be an example of health and fitness but in the final stretch to the stage you are doing to yourself everything we try to tell people not to do...dehydrate, cut calories unrealistically low, too much cardio...and the list goes on for many competitors-myself included. The worst part is the rebound, which happens to anyone when you do something extreme. I gained nearly 15 lbs in 8 days...a lot of it was water, but some of it was not, which is fine, but at such an accelerated rate is what's not healthy. I wasn't in a sustainable state, it wasn't healthy and I know I can do it in a healthy way, I've met coaches and spoken with coaches who agree. Well, I have lived my life trying to be healthy and be an example of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. What I did over the last year was completely out of character and I see that.

My focus in my life and my personal training business has always been sustainable lifestyle's time to reassess and get back to that goal for myself. My clients are doing great, they see mini roadblocks or stumble a little and they get right back on track to losing/changing and it's time to practice (again) what I preach. So here's my challenge for everyone, myself included...

Here's my personal transformation plan: New training style, build muscle to be able to hit national stage strong, mental clarity to make this a lifestyle. I want to transform into the best, strongest me.

Now here's my proposal to you....TRANSFORM YOURSELF and your LIFESTYLE for the BETTER! Live your best, most active life.... Transform your lifestyle!

Starting over on a journey to STRONG!

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