Grand Opening of the Studio!

It's official, the studio is opening!  Save the Date: March 23rd

I am so excited, after a lot of work and years of dreaming we're actually going to do it. "If you want something to happen you have to MAKE it happen". I say that to people all the time but I was always too scared to do it myself. But now, with the support of my awesome parter and husband, we have been painting and working and are just about ready to open for business.

The opening day will begin at 10am and at 11am we will have our first F.I.T class (Fast, Intense, Training). The grand opening itself is totally free, we'll provide the refreshments and give a mini-tour of the studio. There is a raffle for free training sessions and more. The 11am F.I.T class is $15 to do (or whatever you can afford) as it is a donation that will benefit the local CMFCAA (Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association). I have always wanted to help the Foster kids in any way I can and this is my chance to do it in a big way. So please help me help them!

Donations were accepted and SO MUCH appreciated. Thanks ALL of you!

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