The mathematical look at health

The 80/20 rule of fitness:

Shoot for working out 80% of the time (the week, the month and the year) and allow yourself to have 20% of down time. Down time is important!
         That is: workout 5-6 times a week and it will come out to about 85% of the week
                80% of the month and
                80% of the year.
The rest of the time is fun, active, play time!
This means rest and recover your body and your mind. Do not get caught up in the over-training, over-doing-it cycle and burn yourself out or worse, injure yourself. Build rest days into your workout plan!

The 80/20 rule of eating:

Eat well 80% of the time and allow some treat-meals 20% of the time .....don't sweat the small stuff!
Make good, healthy decisions all of the time but if you have a treat once a week, that is good. Especially if you are very strict, it is important to re-feed your body and give it the metabolism boost of a good meal every so often.
       But don't go overboard and fall into the cycle where every day you have a cheat meal and it is your "one cheat meal of the week" but you do it 3 times a week. **Set a day of the week that you get to have fun, or a meal of the week and look forward to it. Savor the meal. Get back on the good-eats train the next meal and look forward to your treat-meal for next week.

The saying on my kitchen wall is: 

Health, Love and EAT! (freely...20% of the I look at this every single day and it reminds me to keep life in check :)

The 70/30 rule for your body:

We've all heard it before, abs are made in the kitchen.

70% of your fitness is made in the kitchen, only 30% is from working out! You can work your butt off in the gym but if you eat crap... you've just undone it all!  Don't put yourself on the hampster wheel. Workout reasonably and eat healthily and you WILL see results.

So to sum it all up..(du dun chhhh... pun intended :) )
       Giving and doing 100% of everything all the time is not healthy either. Just aim to live life healthy and balanced.

Post questions :) Happy, healthy week!

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