Results are in...and life continues

Life has finally settled down and it dawned on me that I never posted my before and after pics (ok, I was avoiding it). I'll do that, I'll also post my placing :)

I wanted to start this blog to motivate others in a real-life way and I realize that the fitness competition atmosphere is not real life, for almost ANYONE...myself included. Especially anyone who has children, a husband and a house to take cate of...successfully. I am a fitness and nutrition enthusiast/professional but I cannot sustain that contest-prep lifestyle for a long period of time without letting something else important slack. Heck, I was only 95% in for the actual prep for this contest, if I'm being honest with myself, which is not good. I enter things to win, not to just try. But it is what it is, I have school and a family that needed me more than my contest did. My husband and daugter are most important, but I did find fun and happiness...and as Steve says, Happy wife, Happy life.

What I do want to do with this post is show people that setting goals is important not only for fitness but for life, accomplishment is a wonderful feeling and something that, I feel, is important for everyone. So the results are.....

I placed top 10!! according to my scores. They didn't actially tell us the exact place, which is frustrating. They sent us the judges comments and scores and I had to figure it out based on how they told me they determined placing. So, my overall score was 10. :) Goal accomplished. Now here's the journey in pictures.
This is one week post partum Feb, 2011:
This is one month Post Partum (March 2011)...I see little difference as I hadn't been cleared to workout yet but I was breastfeeding so that helped tighten it all up!

These are the final product (20 months later):
Yes, it says proof, I'm impatient...I did purchase one though :)
Health and Fitness is a journey not a sprint, 20 months and clearly still a work in progress...if I were to compete again, which I may not, we'll see! For a normal person, I'm living the healthy lifestyle.  I love my life and my family and competing for a living is a very selfish activity....maybe not for everyone but as my life is right now, it is.  To workout so much daily and eat so restricted (forcing me to cook 2 meals for each mealtime, and gripe the whole time) with a husband, a 2 year old, a masters degree in progress, personal training and trying to volunteer more, I don't think I'll have time to dedicate to the sport. But I accomplished it, I felt great and I loved the whole learning experience and fitness journey!

My goal is to stay healthy, happy and fit. Ultimately, I want to motivate everyone I can to live their best life. Stick with me and I'll keep posting workouts, recipes and real-life health questions and answers and we can make this healthy life journey together.

Have a Happy, Healthy Day!

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  1. You look fabulous! Hard work pays off! Keep rockin it Nicci!