Gluten-Free life

Gluten-free living is a choice, sure, but for a lot it is a choice they can't un-choose. Being in the health and fitness industry and taking nutrition in college I never really liked the gluten-free diet as a weight-loss fad. The body needs whole grains and starches that you get from eating gluten-full products...otherwise known as carbs..these are important for a functioning system.  Going gluten-free without actually being gluten sensitive won't make anyone lose weight just because they took out gluten. (Though they may lose weight as a side effect of actually eating healthier and unprocessed foods.) Carbs are an essential fuel for our bodies and brains and if you can process it then you need it. But what if you can't process it?

We found out that at about 13 months old Gia had stopped growing at 9 months. She had dropped off the charts, both WHO and AAP...but she was exclusively breastfed so we went by WHO.  She threw up daily, she was constipated (pushing so hard she was spitting up), she had head-to-toe eczema and was constantly uncomfortable. They wanted to keep testing her blood for things and give her hormones but I knew that wasn't it. After a lot of research and a recommendation by a chiropractor we decided to try wheat/gluten-free eating. It worked. Rash- gone in 5 days, vomiting- no more, constipation-regulated, attitude- beautiful and happy, weight- gained over 2 lbs in 20 days! We proved it to the doctor and we are still on a gluten-free diet to this day.

I was scared about her future. Would she be "different"? Would it be expensive? Could she have sleepovers and eat what they served?  No, yes,and yes. It's not that hard, really. Some of the food that is 'gluten-free' is more expensive but mostly just the pasta and bread, and we can live without eating that on a regular basis. Frankly, gluten-freef food is highly processed. I've found better ways to cook, healthier things to cook and I focus more on the 4 food groups and having varied meals than I ever had before. My husband even says the food tastes better and the meals are all "his favorite"...which is awesome since I never really cooked full meals to begin with (I'm a lazy chef- I hate clean up so I try not to cook in the first place :)).

Some OK foods:
fresh fruits and vegetables (watch sauces, many contain wheat flour for thickening)
meats (watch out for sauces- most are not gluten-free. Some SoyVay products are and they are our favs)
fish (cook at home, and when out look for sauces)
sweet potatoes
corn tortillas (authentic and watch for added wheat)
rice noodles
brown rice

Do you have questions on gluten-free living? recipes? or just how hard it was to get started? please ask!

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