About Nicci

Hi! I am Nicci, I'm a native Californian and moved to Jefferson City, MO from San Diego....whaaat?? Yep, I did. We did it for our family, we knew So Cal was not where we wanted to be so we took that leap. This has been quite the change for me but I like change and I like making new situations work for me.  I moved with my husband, who is originally from Jefferson City, MO (so there's your answer to "how on earth did you choose that place?").  Shortly after moving I gave birth to our first daughter.  It has been good for us to live here. And I get to inject my love for a healthy lifestyle into my new community!

Life as it was:
My pre-mom life consisted of being the National Director of Public Relations for a chain of colleges. I loved my "career woman" life of traveling and working and enjoying every minute of it. Doing what I wanted, when I wanted. My hubs and I got to travel and vacation whenever we wanted. We ate out at great restaurants, we went to the beach on weekends and had a boat we just lounged on.  I worked out whenever I wanted, ate whatever and we lived for us....until.....

We then decided to take a different route and I became a stay-at-home mom (that lasted about 1.5 years! Now I get to do it part time, while running my fitness studio locally). I have to admit it wasn't easy being "at home" rather than jetting off to the office daily.  This transition people talk about, from working woman to mother, is definitely a real thing and it is definitely difficult! Change is tough but changing who you are is even tougher. Especially if "who you are" had been linked to "what you do".  My focus has changed and being a mom and a wife has been amazing... But my passion has always stayed the same; I really enjoy working, and helping people live their best life! Health and fitness will always be important to me and I not only try and dole out as much advice as possible, I get to do it full time now! But family always comes first, as should yours.

Let the fitness begin:
I began my fitness career while attending California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA as a biology major teaching group fitness classes both in and out of the water...way back in 2000!  I lifeguarded in the summers and taught swim lessons to both children and adults. I have been active my entire life. I have been playing organized sports since the age of 4, starting competitive soccer at age 10, playing practically all other sports during the off-season (not saying I was good at them all...that's for sure!), until there was no off-season anymore because I started indoor soccer. My other competitive sport was swimming, which I swam for my high school and continue to swim for exercise- I love the water....I'm a fish out of water-in many ways these days!

My goal here is to help people who are trying to change their lifestyle and avoid or reverse the effects of unhealthy living, i.e. getting off cholesterol meds, diabetes meds, blood pressure....
Being a mom, I also know what it's like to want to "get your body back". If you want to see how I fit it all in, get fitness injected into a busy life and get yourself eating healthy while trying to raise a family, this is the place...it's all here!

My love of healthy living has been a passion of mine, I am a :
*Certified Personal Trainer through the American Counsel on Exercise (ACE) 
*Specialty in Pre and Post Natal fitness
*IFA certified Sports Nutritionist
*Group Fit and Healthy Lifestyle certified through the YMCA of the USA
*Les Mills BodyPump (past)
*Les Mills CxWorks (past)
* Education in Metabolic Training